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About Us

Why Workholics?

Coworking spaces offer an ideal environment where members hit it big and sway business opportunities. With brands and companies coming together to work, sitting next to each other, communication and collaboration happen with ease. And if the coworking space is in the heart of the city surrounded by hundreds of booming businesses, making the grade becomes even easier. Workoholics exactly do the same by bringing professionals together to build their network and connect them with other businesses, brands, professionals, and remote workers.

Founder’s Foreword

Working in a culture, where helping each other to reach the same goal is a norm, boosts the efficiency of employees. Coworking is a concept based on inclusion, collaboration, learning, and sustainability. Workoholics understands the power of a coworking space. Our enthusiasm to help businesses and entrepreneurs provide excellent working spaces is at the core of who we are.

Mr. Sumit Goyal

Founder & CEO, Workoholics

Some of our clients are:

About us

Workoholic is located in the heart of Chandigarh. Surrounded by hundreds of booming businesses, it offers a whole new world of opportunities. An ideal space to brainstorm over a cup of coffee or unleash creative geniuses without hindrances.